Media Hits

April 9, 2020

Only Free College Can Save Us From This Crisis

In this article for the Chronicle of Higher Education, Christopher Newfield discusses the benefits of a free college model in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Newfield quotes CEW Director Anthony Carnevale and Director of Research Jeff Strohl and cites the CEW report “Our Separate & Unequal Public Colleges.”
March 10, 2020

Is Algebra Really Necessary?

In this EdSurge article, Michael Horn discusses the value of math competency in today’s workforce. Horn quotes CEW Director Anthony Carnevale on the percentage of US jobs that require competency in Algebra II.
February 3, 2020

Is It Fair to Judge a College by Its ROI?

In this Chronicle of Higher Education article, Bennett Leckrone discusses the drawbacks of comparing colleges based on ROI. Leckrone cites the CEW reports on ROI and quotes CEW Director Anthony Carnevale on how ROI is just one indicator of student success.