The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has invested almost $100 billion in the “green economy.”  This includes money for everything from workforce development and training, to research on cutting-edge technologies, to tax breaks for homeowners who weatherize their houses.

In 2010, The Center on Education and the Workforce was awarded, along with eight state partners, a grant from the U.S Department of Labor, Education and Training Administration (DOLETA) under the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Center will be working to define, find, and project green jobs using real-time job posting data in the eight states as part of an overall workforce development effort.


  •  The Center reviews various definitions of green. (Updated to include new information on the final BLS definition of green)
    October 2010
  •  The Center reviews the labor market information literature on green.
    August 2010


As part of this effort, the Center is conducting ongoing research on green jobs and the green economy.  The latest research is published on this site.