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Transparency should be part of the higher ed bargain

When the federal government forced for-profit ITT Technical Institute to shutter its operations in September due, in part, to its misleading recruitment information, it sent a strong message to other similar institutions. And it’s not just for-profit schools that market themselves by boasting about their graduation rates and job-placement numbers. So, too, do some not-for-profit

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Reflecting on Hispanic/Latino education and career opportunities

The number of Hispanic/Latinos in the US has surged over the last four decades. The contributions of Hispanics/Latinos to society are numerous, and their dynamic culture is one we celebrate beyond Hispanic Heritage Month. Over the next 10 years, there will be 55 million job openings in the US. Ten million of those will be

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Measuring the impact on enrollment of Clinton’s free college plan

The idea of free college tuition has gotten a lot of wind behind it in this election cycle, backed first by Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and now embraced by that party’s nominee Hillary Clinton. The idea is intrinsically appealing. Many young people dismiss the thought of going to college based on the price tag alone.

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America’s workforce makeover: college grads’ gain is high school grads’ pain

For the first time, four-year college graduates and those with graduate and professional degrees make up a larger share of the workforce (36%) than workers with a high school diploma or less (34%). This reflects an ongoing trend in our economy where the next job created most likely will require someone with postsecondary education. This

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