Welcome to the State Initiative

This initiative helps states utilize data more effectively to inform policy and planning and support decisions about education and careers. Higher education faces growing pressure to demonstrate the labor market value of postsecondary programs and credentials. To support these efforts, we are working with states and higher education systems to set educational attainment goals, increase transparency about labor market outcomes, and improve alignment between education and the economy.

Our researchers analyze state-based administrative data; national datasets, such as the American Community Survey; and new sources of labor market data, such as Internet job postings collected by private research firms. To learn more about our current and past work with states, please explore the interactive map and featured items on this page.

Explore our new reports!

Our latest reports feature an analysis of good jobs that pay without a bachelor’s degree and Latino education and economic progress in ten states. Good Jobs That Pay without a BA: A State-by-State Analysis shows that between 1991 and 2015 most states gained good jobs that pay without a BA and nearly half of all states added good jobs in blue-collar industries. The rise of skilled-service industries, such as financial services and health services, has also added good jobs. Strengthening the connection between school and work is crucial to preparing workers for the demands of good jobs in the new economy.

Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind finds that lagging college degree attainment has led Latinos to become stuck in the middle-wage tiers of the labor market. With the right support, however, Latinos are poised for a surge in educational and economic success.