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Educating against Outsourcing

September 14, 2010 In “Count on the College Premium,” Stephen Rose points out that doomsday jobs forecasts are an American tradition and argues that the jobs, particularly those requiring postsecondary education, will come back.  

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Measuring Green Jobs

August 31, 2010
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act have invested almost $100 billion in the “green economy.” This includes money for everything from workforce development and training, to research on cutting-edge technologies, to tax breaks for homeowners who weatherize their houses. In 2010, The Center on Education and the Workforce was awarded, along with eight state partners.

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Career Readiness Redefined

April 15, 2010 In two articles from Inside Higher Ed and Education Week, Dr. Carnevale comments on a new definition of ‘career readiness’ released by the Association for Career and Technical Education.  

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