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21st Century Competencies for College and Career Readiness

March 7, 2013 Anthony P. Carnevale analyzes the economic changes due to mass-production from the Civil War until the 1970’s. He also examines and describes the standard competencies needed to enter the labor market as we survive the 21st century. This article was published in National Career Development Association: Career Developments Magazine.

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The Economist: America’s STEM immigration

March 16, 2013 The Economist’s special report is citing the Center’s STEM research to discuss America’s competitiveness, innovation ability and STEM job demands. Our report predicts that till 2018, 779,000 jobs will require a graduate degree in a STEM field, with only 550,000 native-born Americans earning such degreees over that period. The need for employing foreign workers may press for looser…

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