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From Hard Times to Better Times – Coverage by Report

By February 19, 2015July 8th, 2016No Comments

Wall Street Journal: “A New Degree in Architecture, Computers or Health Is Worth More Than Decades of Job Experience,” by Josh Zumbrun (02.19.15)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Unemployment Rates for College Graduates Are Dropping, Report Says,” (02.19.15)

CNBC: “College Is Still Worth It (Depending on Major), New Study Shows,” by Martha C. White (02.19.15)

Fusion: “Unemployment rates are falling for everyone but journalism grads.” by Rob Wile (02.19.15)

Bloomberg: “When a Graduate Degree Just Isn’t Worth it,” by Akane Otani (02.20.15)

Birmingham Business Journal: “Study: The best and worst college majors for finding a job,” by Ryan Phillips (02.20.15)

The Washington Post: These are the best college majors if you actually want a job after graduation,” by Max Ehrenfreund (02.23.15)

Huffington Post: “Employment Rates Are Improving For Everyone But Journalism Majors,” by Catherine Taibi (02.23.15)

Quartz: “Ranked: The salary bump you can expect from a graduate degree, by major,” by Max Nisen (02.23.15)

Diverse: “College Major a Factor in Unemployment Rates, Earnings,” by Jamaal Abdul-Alim (02.23.15)

Accuracy in Media: “Unemployment Rate for Journalism Grads Continues to Climb,” by Don Irvine (02.23.15)

State Impact: “Job Market Improving For Recent College Grads, But Pay Is Not,” by John O’connor (02.24.15)

The Daily Free Press: “Job prospects high for college graduates, but vary by major,” by Alex Rozier (02.25.15)

BostInno: “Being a Journalism Major Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be [Study],” by Molly Greenberg (02.24.15)

PBS:These college majors will get you a well-paying job,” by Simone Pathe (02.25.15)

Business Insider: “Research shows going to grad school doesn’t guarantee you’ll earn more,” by Emma Miller (02.26.15)

Policy Mic: “To Make the Most Money, Major in This,” by Zeeshan Aleem (02.25.15)

CBS Philly: “Report: College Is Worth It, But How Worth It Depends On Your Major,” (02.20.15)

Business Insider: “The 10 most useless graduate degrees,” by Peter Jacobs (02.26.15)

Yahoo!: “Class of 2014, You’re hired!,” by Joanna Campione (02.27.15)

Atlanta Daily World: “Best and worst college majors for finding a job,” by Terry Shropshire (02.27.15)

Money Talks: “Want a Job After College? Majors Most Likely to Get You There, and Not,” by Krystal Steinmetz (02.02.15)

Science Careers: “The employment picture is improving for STEM majors,” by Beryl Lieff Benderly (03.03.15)

Desert News National: “College is ‘worth it’ but majors matter,” by Eric Schulzke (03.04.15)

Alburquerque Journal: “Report looks at jobs for graduates,” (03.17.15)

NBC News:  “College Is Still Worth It (Depending on Major), New Study Shows.” (03.19.15)




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