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  • Online College Labor Market

    More than 80 percent of job openings for workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher are posted online. This report analyzes the demand for college talent in the job market by examining online job advertisements for college degree-holders by education, occupations, and industries.

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  • Failure to Launch

    Since the 1980s, young adults are launching their careers later, and older adults, especially women and the college-educated, are delaying retirement and earning more. The result of these trends has been a lost decade for young people, marked by declining access to full-time jobs.

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Online College Labor Market: Where the Jobs Are

Released: Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

Employers have been increasingly utilizing online job boards and employer websites to fill job openings. CEW find over 80 percent of job openings for workers with Bachelor’s degrees or better are now posted online, presenting a new tool to connect college graduates with jobs. The most in-demand occupations for college graduates are white-collar professional and STEM occupations, which together account for 1.1 million job openings posted online.

The complete report, Online Labor Market: Where the Jobs Are is available online at cew.georgetown.edu/onlinejobmarket.

More detailed findings by industry and occupation were discussed in our past webinar, and can be viewed HERE