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Return on Investment (ROI) is an important measure for comparing the earnings and costs for students who attend specific colleges and universities. This metric attempts to weigh the cost of investing in college now against the potential gains over time of having a postsecondary credential.

Since 2019, we have analyzed data from the College Scorecard on earnings and debt from thousands of postsecondary institutions and programs. Our research shows that college typically pays off, but the return on investment varies by many factors:


Field of study





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Rankings of 4,500 Colleges by ROI:

See how your institution stacks up on a range of metrics, including short- and long-term ROI.


Earnings and Debt for 37,000 Programs:

Compare first-year earnings and debt payments for your college program to those of other college programs by institution, field of study, and degree level.


ROI for Low-Income Students:

Explore rankings of colleges and universities by ROI for low-income students.