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We are an independent, nonprofit research and policy institute that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands.

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Use our interactive map of the U.S. to view state-level research on job projections, the economic value of college majors, and sector studies on healthcare, nursing, and STEM.



Where are the #goodjobs? Some of the states with the highest ratio of good jobs—regardless of education level—are California, Texas, and Florida. Discover where your state falls with our interactive tool: #GoodJobsData

The question of whether #highered is really a meritocracy is even more important when you consider that the best colleges have a high population of wealthy students. Learn more:

How can workers without bachelor’s degrees leverage economic opportunity in today’s job market? Learn more about today’s good jobs that provide family-sustaining earnings: #CEWblog

Recent research indicates that #highered institutions could significantly increase their low-income student graduation rates without lowering any standards. Read more:

Even though #highered is a smart investment, students need to choose wisely. Read more:

Men dominate good jobs that pay without a BA, consistently holding 70% of these well-paying jobs. Learn more: #GoodJobsData

It’s time to reevaluate whether #highered really is the great equalizer that so many believe it to be. Read more:

Not attending college can impact lifetime earnings. Adults with an associate’s degree outearn those with a high school diploma by 31%. Read more:

There are more than 30M well-paying #goodjobs in the US for workers without a bachelor’s degree. Watch: #GoodJobsData

10 College Majors With the Best Starting Salaries

In this article for U.S. News and World Report, Darian Somers and Josh Moody list the fields of study that lead to the highest starting salaries. Somers and Moody cite CEW report “The College Payoff.”


Half of Student Loan Borrowers Worry They’ll Be in Debt Forever, Study Finds

In this CNBC article, Annie Nova writes about the exponential growth of student debt and the subsequent fears of student borrowers. Nova cites the CEW report “The Economic Value of College Majors.”


The only thing more expensive than going to college is not going to college.

Anthony P. Carnevale
Director and Research Professor