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Online College Labor Market

Over 80% of job openings for workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher are posted online, while less than 50% of online job postings are for..

1 hour ago

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Bias against women regarding their emotional suitability for political office stands to impact election outcomes. In our latest #CEWrelease,..

2 days ago

Employers are increasingly using online job boards to post job ads, especially for jobs that require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Learn more: #CEWemployment

The number of online job ads for #STEM occupations is growing twice as fast as the number of all job ads. Learn more: #CEWemployment

Americans with less than a high school diploma are almost twice as likely as those with a bachelor’s degree—and nearly 3 times as likely as those with a master’s degree or higher—to doubt women’s emotional suitability for politics. Learn more:

A #college education has become increasingly necessary to secure a well-paying job. However, rising costs have created a barrier to higher education for lower-income students in particular. Read more: @HarvardPolitics

#Healthcare professional and technical and #edu occupations have the second-highest concentration of online ads for jobs that require graduate degrees. Read: #CEWemployment

Among college jobs advertised online, 3 out of 4 require only a bachelor’s degree. Learn more: #CEWemployment

test Twitter Media - Among college jobs advertised online, 3 out of 4 require only a bachelor’s degree. Learn more: #CEWemployment

By 2020, our economy is projected to be short 5M workers. @Heathermcgowan argues that we must reimagine education and alter students’ career expectations in an attempt to address the impending worker shortage. Read more: @Forbes

Find out how sex, age, income, race, educational attainment, and political affiliation influence opinions of women’s suitability for politics in our new #CEWrelease. Read: #WomenInPolitics

While women tend to outperform men in crucial areas like soft skills that contribute to job success, they still aren’t equally represented in high-paying fields like STEM. Read: @Cantorrac @Forbes

About 1 in 8 Americans Think Men Are ‘Better Suited Emotionally’ for Office, Survey Finds

In this Politico article, Benjamin Wermund writes about how gender bias toward women in politics has declined — but still exists. Wermund cites the CEW report “May the Best Woman Win?” to note how media coverage of women in politics differs from that of men. 


‘We Still Have a Long Way to Go’: New Report Shows Gender Bias Still at Play in Elections, Despite Improvement

In this Chicago Tribune article, Kate Thayer writes about how bias against women in politics can affect election outcomes. Thayer cites the CEW report “May the Best Woman Win?” and quotes CEW Chief Economist Nicole Smith.


The only thing more expensive than going to college is not going to college.

Anthony P. Carnevale
Director and Research Professor