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We are an independent, nonprofit research and policy institute that studies the link between education, career qualifications, and workforce demands.

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Use our interactive map of the U.S. to view state-level research on job projections, the economic value of college majors, and sector studies on healthcare, nursing, and STEM.



Today, more well-paying jobs go to people with bachelor’s degrees than without. Read more about navigating “the college economy”:

The #CollegeTransparencyAct would let students & families make a fully informed decision about one of the biggest investments in their lives: #HigherEd. For more, watch @ThirdWayEDU's latest explainer:

In the US, women have 30% of good jobs, while men have 70%. Read more about who has good jobs here: #GoodJobsData

The US job landscape is changing with automation and a growing need for more staff at hospitals, among other things. Students should pay attention to these changes as they navigate college and career decisions. @business

Although blue-collar industries still hold the majority of good jobs that pay without a bachelor’s degree, the job market is transforming rapidly. Learn more: #GoodJobsData

Even though US manufacturing output has grown, the sector has lost 4.5M jobs since 2000. Learn more about the job landscape and in-demand jobs: @Celia_LJ

Of the 75M workers without a bachelor’s degree, 30M have good jobs. Find out which industries are offering a growing number of good jobs here: #GoodJobsData

Do men have more good jobs than women? What are the wages of good jobs in different industries and occupations? What role does education play in having a good job? Find answers to all these questions and more here: #GoodJobsData

Workers with a bachelor’s degree earn 84% more over their lifetime than those with no more than a high school diploma. Read more:

The number of good jobs for associate’s degree holders increased from 3.8M in 1991 to nearly 7.5M in 2016. Learn more about the distribution of good jobs by education level here: #GoodJobsData

10 College Majors With the Best Starting Salaries

In this article for U.S. News and World Report, Darian Somers and Josh Moody list the fields of study that lead to the highest starting salaries. Somers and Moody cite CEW report “The College Payoff.”


Half of Student Loan Borrowers Worry They’ll Be in Debt Forever, Study Finds

In this CNBC article, Annie Nova writes about the exponential growth of student debt and the subsequent fears of student borrowers. Nova cites the CEW report “The Economic Value of College Majors.”


The only thing more expensive than going to college is not going to college.

Anthony P. Carnevale
Director and Research Professor