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On College, Opportunity, and Merit

This article by M.J. Anderson in the Boston Globe quotes CEW Director Anthony Carnevale and analyzes CEW Report “The Merit Myth” to illustrate how institutions of higher education often foster a self-perpetuating elite, despite the fact that they are intended to be tools to upward economic mobility.
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Restoring America’s Democracy Through Education

This article from Ed Surge by Stephen J Handle and Eileen L Strample uses the CEW report “The College Payoff” to compare median lifetime earnings for bachelor’s degree holders vs non bachelor’s degree holders, highlighting college education as a crucial tool in an individual’s trajectory to the middle class.
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More Education, More Earnings, But…

This article from Community College Daily by Matthew Dembicki unpacks CEW report “The College Payoff” to reveal that while more education generally means more earnings, other important factors such as field of study and occupation come into play.
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