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Jeff Strohl

Research Professor and Director

Jeff Strohl serves as research professor and director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce CEW. Dr. Strohl was one of the center’s founding staff and served as CEW’s director of research since 2008. In this position he led the center’s research agenda. In particular, this focused on the intersection of education and labor market analyses and their impact on policy. While directing research, Dr. Strohl also continued his work on biases in postsecondary and labor market outcomes.

Before moving to CEW, Dr. Strohl was a senior analyst and project director at Westat, Inc. While at Westat, Dr. Strohl was primarily involved in program evaluation and analysis of education outcomes. He helped design and direct several projects that investigated socioeconomic diversity in American education and sought to affect postsecondary admissions policies. Dr. Strohl also helped design a model that predicts occupational risks to offshoring as a function of workplace competencies.

At Westat, Dr. Strohl also monitored implementation of the Teacher Incentive Fund, evaluated the Federal Youth Opportunity Grant Initiative, built a model for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance to target review of employment discrimination, as well as evaluated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s National and Local Emphasis programs.

Dr. Strohl received his BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and his MA and PhD in economics from American University. His dissertation was a cross-country study of how education can enhance overall economic flexibility in times of economic crisis and structural shift.