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Sprint Newsletter: Decoding the various free college proposals

The concept of “free college” continues to emerge as a divisive issue among presidential hopefuls. Their challenge lies in describing the solution in a way that will resonate with voters. What is “free college” anyway? It’s not a novel idea, and it means different things to different people.

Winter Newsletter: Measuring the economic value of programs vs. institutions

Education beyond high school is the biggest investment students make in their transition from youth dependence to adult independence. But skyrocketing tuition costs and limited information about outcomes have made investing in American higher education a risky bet.

Fall Newsletter: How to mend our divided public higher education system

Leaders of selective public colleges often preach the importance of diversity. But what’s transpired over the past two decades has fallen far short of equity. White students are given a first-class education at selective public colleges while most Black and Latino students are funneled into underfunded open-access public colleges with low graduation rates.

Summer Newsletter: Building stronger connections between learning and work is integral for today’s students

The excitement is building as another academic year begins. For some students, this is their first foray into the world of postsecondary education. But what many people don’t know is that the vast majority of students also work while going to school—out of 20 million college students, 14 million work while enrolled.


Spring Newsletter: Examining an outcomes-based earnings standard for all postsecondary education programs

The enduring mission of higher education is to promote human flourishing. A critical part of flourishing is economic independence. But, times have changed. In the 70s, two out of every three people had only a high school diploma or less and still were able to earn middle class wages.


Winter Newsletter: Breaking down the silos between K-12, postsecondary education, and the labor force

Since A Nation at Risk was published in 1983, the American education system has been completely remade. After more than three decades of reforming our K–12 education system, we have created a powerful vision and measured success both in higher academic standards and massive increases in high school graduation.


Summer Newsletter: Taking a closer look at the non-BA job market

The story often told about the U.S. economy is one of manufacturing’s decline and the plight of blue-collar workers who have lost good jobs and are left behind by economic and technological change. While this story is certainly true, it does not paint the full picture.


Spring Newsletter: Improving transparency and student outcomes 

As the summer break begins at college campuses, we are pleased to provide you with an update on our recent activities. This spring, while we focused on bringing several publications to completion, we also signed several statement letters supporting efforts to improve, and increase access to, information about higher education programs and outcomes.



Winter Newsletter: The jobs quality phase of the economic debate begins

Eight years ago when former President Obama took office, the economy was an entirely different creature. The recession hadn’t yet peaked, and the country’s financial institutions were in crisis.



Fall Newsletter: CEW explores transparency in higher ed

When the federal government forced for-profit ITT Technical Institute to shutter its operations in September due, in part, to its misleading recruitment information, it sent a strong message to other similar institutions.


summer newsletter

Summer Newsletter: CEW’s Role As Your Resource

Although it’s summer, we have been busy crafting an array of resources to add to the national dialogue on jobs, skills, and people.



Spring Newsletter: Conversations on College in the Presidential Election

As we work on a number of upcoming reports, we are also keeping an eye on the developing presidential campaign, and how higher education and labor policy might change under a new president.


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Winter Newsletter: Reflecting and Looking Ahead to New CEW Projects

As we reflect on the past year before surging ahead into a productive 2016, we are mindful of the ongoing support we have received from all of you. From engaging with us on social media, to sharing our latest research, to providing us with meaningful feedback, to collaborating on projectswe are grateful for your involvement in our work.


Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter: Fall Brings New Faces to CEW

Fall has been a time for growth at the Center. In this newsletter, we welcome five new members to our team, and announce our Twitter handle change to @GeorgetownCEW. We are also proud to share that our research was cited in the Department of Education’s College Scorecard.


Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter: What’s New This Summer at CEW?

In this newsletter we discuss our state work and activities. We also developed a table to help illustrate the differences between U.S. Census Bureau data, BLS data and CEW’s data for education requirements in all 50 states. In all cases, our projections and the Census data show education levels that are twice as high as the BLS data. Check it out:

Spring Newsletter: CEW Makes The State of the Union

During the State of the Union, President Obama drew from the center’s Recovery 2020 report: “by the end of this decade, two in three job openings will require some higher education.” We also released College Is Just the Beginning, a report that analyzes the role of employer-provided training in the American education and training system.


Website Newsletter 2014

New Year, New Website!

We are proud to present our new website! The site is more closely aligned with our mission of focusing on jobs, skills, and people. It also offers easy navigation; a clean, modern look; and a content-rich experience.


Fall Newsletter 2014

Fall Brings Us an Important Message About ACS & More!

The U.S. Census Bureau has proposed to eliminate the collection of data on the undergraduate field of degree from the annual American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is an annual nationwide survey of 3 million households. CEW has relied on the ACS for several research reports on unemployment rates and wages for various college majors.


Summer is Over! Take a look at what we have done!

As we move forward in this recovery, it is important for us to continue dispelling myths related to the economic value of a college education. We also celebrate the great strides made on workforce issues as the president signed the the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law.


Winter Newsletter 2013

New BLS Projections and our 2013 Year-in-Review

In light of what BLS released and the impact these data have on the higher education research and policy arena, CEW sheds some light on the flaws of BLS’ methodology and its paltry results.