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Welcome to our video library. Scroll through a range of media interviews, Capitol Hill testimonies, webinars, conference keynotes, and report overviews from our lead economists.

  • Georgetown CEW
    The Forgotten 500,000 College-ready Students
  • Georgetown CEW
    Latino Education and Economic Progress: Running Faster but Still Behind
  • Georgetown CEW
    Good Jobs that Pay without a BA
  • American Council on Education
    What Does Society Want from Colleges and Universities?
  • CNBC Nightly Business Report
    Is There a National Fix for the Workforce?
  • National Press Foundation
    Skills Gap in Manufacturing Jobs
  • CCTV America
    Economic Challenges Facing African Americans
  • PBS Newshour
    Rethinking College
  • Working Nation
    WorkingNation Series – Take a Seat at the Table
  • Parchment Summit on Credentials
    Credentials and Competencies
  • Georgetown CEW
    America's Divided Recovery
  • Georgetown CEW
    African Americans: College Majors and Earnings
  • Georgetown CEW
    Webinar: What Counselors Should Know about 21st Century Skills
  • PBS Newshour
    Should More Kids Skip College for Workforce Training?
  • Al Jazeera
    Degrees, Costs, and Benefits
  • Georgetown CEW
    Economic Benefits of Postsecondary Ed for Hispanics/Latinos
  • Georgetown CEW
    Learning While Earning: The New Normal
  • C-SPAN
    Report: More High-Paying Than Low-Wage Jobs
  • Goucher College
    What if Postsecondary Education Actually Was the Great Equalizer?
  • Georgetown CEW
    The Economic Value of College Majors