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About the Initiative

Diversity: Race, Class and Gender, an initiative of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, seeks to narrow the information gap on education and workforce demands for minorities and other underserved students.


CEW has released research related to college majors, career pathways, future salaries, and job skills. In order to better provide tools that can be used to navigate college and career decisions, we have produced several pieces that highlight the key takeaways from the research. The resources on our main page cover a range of topics relevant to counselors, advocates, students, and families.


Explore research on the education and workforce demands for minorities and underserved students, particularly with college majors, employment trends, and future salaries.


Access valuable data on 137 college majors and their respective future salaries in an interactive tool that compares national and state data.


Find illustrations of career pathways, college majors and more with the stats and visuals to help students better navigate the many education decisions after high school graduation.


Watch and listen to webinars with experts discussing topics related to job skills and employment trends. Each webinar has a Q&A at the end and has slides available for download.


Download PowerPoint presentations to find the key information from our reports, especially information you might need for a meeting or to guide a productive discussion with a student.


Watch videos that summarize key findings from our research related to higher education and workforce demands, and listen to experts share their insights.


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