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What 0% unemployment looks like

May 15, 2012 - CNNMoney Annalyn Censky uses our January 2012 report, Hard Times, to imagine a world without unemployment. She features four degrees from the report where there are enough job openings for every worker. Download  
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Jobs for Utah’s Future Symposium

May 9, 2012 Research Director Jeff Strohl and Senior Economist Nicole Smith participated in the “Jobs for Utah’s Future” symposium, a national best practices discussion to support Utah’s education and workforce projections and the corresponding educational requirements to make a meaningful impact on its educational planning and assist in developing high-quality programs to advance the Utah’s economy.
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UTEP Opportunity Days

May 2-3, 2012 In early May, the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) hosted “UTEP Opportunity Days,” a two-day event to discuss economic and social mobility in America today. Center Director Anthony Carnevale was a featured speaker, where he discussed the value of higher education, workforce development, and opportunity.
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