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Wage-by-Major Statistics: Transparency to What End?

In this Inside Higher Ed article, Zachary Bleemer about the incomes resulting from various undergraduate majors. Bleemer cites CEW report “The Economic Value of College Majors” and quotes CEW Director Dr. Anthony P. Carnevale on how colleges should make information on employment and wage prospects available to students.
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Is Key to Success Being Born Smart or Rich?

In this article for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Maureen Downey writes about the role family income plays in students’ success. Downey cites CEW’s report “Born to Win, Schooled to Lose” and quotes CEW Director Dr. Anthony P. Carnevale on how in the US, it is better to be born affluent than smart.
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Who Would SAT-Only Admissions Help? White, Affluent Students.

In this article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Eric Hoover writes about the significance of the SAT in college admissions decisions. Hoover cites CEW’s report “SAT-Only Admission: How Would It Change College Campuses?” and quotes CEW Director of Research Jeff Strohl on how colleges tend to accept more affluent students based on test scores.
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