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College Board Drops Plans for SAT Student Adversity Scores

Doug Belkin writes for the Wall Street Journal about the College Board’s decision to replace the Environmental Context Dashboard with Landscape, in attempt to provide context about students’ social and economic backgrounds. Belkin cites the CEW report “SAT-Only Admissions” to explain the role that the test plays in college admissions.
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The Texas Tech K-12 Pipeline

Lindsay McKenzie writes for Inside Higher Ed about the potential of Texas Tech’s K-12 program. McKenzie quotes CEW Director Anthony P. Carnevale about how the university system has the potential to connect students to the labor market earlier in their studies.
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How to Get Good Grades in College

In this US News article, Josh Moody offers basic advice for how students can earn good grades in college. Moody cites the CEW report “Learning While Earning” to explain why students should avoid working too much to maintain good grades.
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