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Measuring Green Jobs

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has invested almost $100 billion in the "green economy."  This includes money for everything from workforce development and training, to research on cutting-edge technologies, to tax breaks for homeowners who weatherize their houses. In 2010, The Center on Education and the Workforce was awarded, along with eight state partners, a grant from the U.S…
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Skills Match

Anthony P. Carnevale discusses how Twelve million Americans are unable to find work and 40 percent of that number has been unemployed for six months or more. Authors, however, estimate the number of job vacancies in this country to be at 3 million per month.  This article was published in American Association of Community Colleges Magazine.
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Learn & Earn: Career Pathways for Youth in the 21st Century

This paper aims to provide a broad overview of the four major components of career pathways. It highlights the role of industry-based certifications and internships in the United States, examining the ethical question of whether internships are exploitative. Finally, it explains some of the advantages and disadvantages of the U.S. education and training system, and potential reforms that enhance its…
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