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Legislating an Honest Look At College Cost

Inside Higher Ed general assignment reporter Liam Knox cites “College Payoff” and quotes CEW’s Martin Van Der Werf in an article about recently passed legislation from the Ohio House of Representatives that aims to improve transparency about the cost of attending college and the ROI of college degrees.

College Majors Have a Big Impact on Income. Here Are the Top and Lowest-Earning Fields of Study

CBS MoneyWatch reporter Aimee Picchi cites “What Works: Ten Education, Training, and Work-Based Pathway Changes That Lead to Good Jobs” in an article on the impact college has on future earning potential. It also identifies the top-paying college majors, which tend to include STEM fields, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics and the lowest-earning college majors.

The ROI Riddle

The Chronicle of Higher Education senior writer Lee Gardner quotes CEW Director, Anthony Carnevale, in an article on the return on investment of a college degree and the College Transparency Act that will allow for a more detailed understanding of students’ economic outcomes.