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Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020

Supply And Demand Through 2020 Full Report Technical Report Video PowerPoint Press Release Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020 analyzes the growing need for qualified nurses. The study projects that the economy will create 1.6 million job openings for nurses through 2020. Yet, there will not be enough nurses to fill those openings. We project the nursing workforce will be…
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From Hard Times to Better Times: College Majors, Unemployment, and Earnings

Full Report Infographic Video PowerPoint Press Release In this third installment of Hard Times, we update our previous analyses of college majors, unemployment, and earnings over the Great Recession. While there is wide variation by college majors, hard times have become better times for most college graduates, but the recovery is far from complete. Watch as Anthony Carnevale demonstrates the power…
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