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50 Years of College Students

In this interactive post by the Chronicle, Ben Myers and Joshua Hatch explore how the baccalaureate-granting colleges have become more diverse during the past 50 years with graphics and data. The article quotes Dr. Carnevale to present his views on the reasons behind this shift.
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The Stagnant Wage Premium

In this Inside Higher Ed piece, Paul Frain presents an analysis of the study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research on the recent flattening in the higher education wage premium. Frain quotes Anthony Carnevale's opinion that the degree's wage premium remains high even though it has flattened.
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American higher education is far more effective at helping white students achieve their potential than black and Latino students

Since the 1990s, the number of black and Latino high school graduates who enroll in college has more than doubled. But three-quarters of that increase has been at underfunded, overcrowded open-access colleges. Meanwhile, white college enrollment has increased only at the nation’s top 500 universities. In an op-ed for the Washington Post, I argue that these inequities in higher education…
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