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Hard Times – Coverage by Report

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Huffington Post: “Jobs for the Young & Restless: Can Smarter Schooling Solve Youth Unemployment?” by Denielle Sachs (5/2/2012)

Times Higher Education: “Market forces turn one-trick pones into one-stop shops,” by Jon Marcus (4/26/2012)

Daily Beast: “The 13 Most Useless Majors, From Philosophy to Journalism,” (4/23/2012)

US News & World Report: “College Students Consider Peace Corps in Lean Job Market,” by Ryan Litle (2/13/2012)

Washington Post: “Obama seeks to increase partnerships between community colleges, industry to train new workers,” by Associated Press (2/13/2012)

Washington Post: “Studying the purpose of college,” by Michelle Singletary (1/28/2012)

Fox Business: “What is a Liberal Arts Degree Worth These Days?” by Emily Driscoll (1/27/2012)

Washington Post: “College majors and their income potential,” by Tracy Grant (1/25/2012)

Forbes: “College Is Still Worth It, But Jobs And Pay Depend on Major,” by Troy Onink (1/24/2012)

USA Today: “Some majors not made of money,” by Kara Rose (1/24/2012)

CBS News: “A New Stanford grad on food stamps,” by Lynn O’Shaugnessy  (1/17/2012)

Washington Post: “Not all college majors are created equal,” by Michelle Singletary (1/14/2012)

Bloomberg Businessweek: “The MBA’s Value? Debatable,” by Louis Lavelle (1/13/2012)

Washington Post: “Is your advanced degree worth the debt?” by Michelle Singletary (1/12/2012)

New York Times: “College-Educated Workers Gaining Jobs, High School Grads Losing Them,” by Catherine Rampell (1/9/2012)

The Atlantic: “Don’t Let the Economy Pick Your Major For You,” by Derek Thompson (1/6/2012)

US News & World Report: “New Report Highlights College Majors That Lead to Job Opportunities,” by Catherine Groux (1/6/2012)

Washington Post: “Lack of Interest and aptitude keeps students out of STEM majors,” by Olga Khazan (1/6/2012)

Bloomberg: “Which College Major Has the Worst Unemployment?” by Louis Lavelle (1/5/2012)

New York Times: “Want a Job Go to College and Don’t Major in Architecture,” by Catherine Rampell (1/5/2012)

NPR: “Best College Majors if you Want to Find Job,” by Molly Bloom (1/5/2012)

Time: “Class Notes: College Majors, Youth Jobs and More Education News,” by Kayla Webley (1/5/2012)

Chronicle of Higher Education: “Unemployment Varies by College Majors Study Finds,” by Beckie Supiano (1/4/2012)

CNNMoney: “Unemployment soars for architects,” by Annalyn Censky (1/4/2012)

Huffington Post: “Architecture And Art Degrees Lead to Highest Unemployment, According to New Study,” (1/4/2012)

Washington Post: “New study shows architecture, arts degrees yield highest unemployment,” by Peter Whoriskey (1/4/2012)

CBS News: “25 college majors with the highest unemployment rates,” (11/16/2011)

Yahoo News: “College Majors with Low Unemployment,” by Terence Loose (5/6/2012)

Huffington Post: “10 States with the most student loan debt per Graduate,” by Christian Hudspeth (5/14/2012)

Yahoo News: “Best and Worst Degrees for Employment,” by Terence Loose (5/14/2012)

Huffington Post: “Who Goes for Which Master’s Degree?” by Rahul Choudaha (5/15/2012)

CNN: “What 0% unemployment looks like,” by Annalyn Censky (5/15/2012)

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