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Seperate & Unequal – Coverage by Report

By July 31, 2013March 5th, 2015No Comments

Inside Higher Ed: “Higher Ed: Engine of Inequity” by Doug Lederman (7.31.13)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “U.S. Higher-Education System Perpetuates White Privilege, Report Says” by Casey McDermott (7.31.13)

The Washington Post: “Minorities and whites follow unequal college paths, report says” by Michael A. Fletcher (7.31.13)

U.S. News & World Report: “Report: Higher Education Creates ‘White Racial Privilege'” by Allie Bidwell (7.31.13)

The Atlantic: “The Best New Argument for Affirmative Action” by Jordan Weissmann (7.31.13)

Inside Higher Ed: “Collision Mix” by Matt Reed (7.31.13)

Diverse: “U.S. Higher Education Deeply Stratified Along Racial Lines, Study Says” by Ronald Roach (7.31.13)

Marketplace: “Study: Black and Latino students missing out on selective colleges” by Sally Herships (7.31.13)

NY Times Economix: “Maybe Most Parents Need to Worry More About College Choice” by David Leonhardt (8.1.13)

The Chronicle of Higher Education: “How to Fight Growing Economic and Racial Segregation in Higher Ed” by Richard D. Kahlenberg (8.1.13)

NPR:  “Research Says: Actually, Where You Go To College Matters” by Kat Chow (8.2.13)

The Washington Times: “Report: Racial divide still exists on college admissions” by Ben Wolfgang (8.5.13)

PBS: “Giving low-income students the dream and guidance to attend top schools” by Mary Jo Brooks (9.9.13)

PBS: “Opening the Door for Low-Income Students to Overcome ‘Aristocracy’ of Higher Ed” by Jeffery Brown (9.9.13)

Roll Call: “Separate and Unequal Education Is Hurting America” by Jamie P. Merisotis and Anthony P. Carnevale (11.13.13)

USA Today: “Affirmative action fading from college scene” by Greg Toppo (2.12.14)

National Journal: “Does Michigan Need Affirmative Action?: by Sophie Quinton (4.28.14)

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