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By October 20, 2011March 5th, 2015No Comments

Des-Moines Register: “Lack of math, science skills leaves Iowa’s job market with missing pieces,” by┬áDonnelle Eller (7/10/12)

National Science Foundation: “Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate,” (4/24/2012)

US News & World Report: “Report: Military Engineer Shortage Could Threaten Security,” by Jason Koebler (3/6/2012)

Globe Magazine: “Putting college degrees to work,” by Jon Marcus (3/4/2012)

Washington Post: “Want your kid to be a scientist? Start in elementary school,” by Priya Natarajan (2/1/2012)

US News & World Report: “Congressman Proposes STEM Education Office,” by Michael Honda (1/20/2012)

Washington Post: “Lack of Interest and aptitude keeps students out of STEM majors,” by Olga Khazan (1/6/2012)

Washington Post: “In defense of a liberal education,” by Daniel de Vise (12/2/2011)

Forbes: “Are Hispanics America’s Next Great STEM Innovators?” by James Marshall Crotty (11/22/2011)

US News & World Report: “Census: Foreign-Born Getting STEM Degrees at Higher Rates than Native-Born,” by Danielle Kurtzleben (11/17/2011)

The Atlantic: “Want to Make a Lot of Money? The Answer Is Science,” by Dino Grandoni (11/2/2011)

Washington Post: “Want to earn more money? Study STEM,” by Daniel de Vise (10/28/2011)

Center for American Progress: “Report: More Jobs This Year for Recent Graduates,” by Jon Christian (10/25/2011)

National Math and Science Initiative: “Georgetown Report Confirms STEM degrees pay off,” (10/24/2011)

New York Times: “STEM majors earn more on average,” (10/24/2011)

Chronicle of Higher Education: “High Demand for Science Graduates Enables Them to Pick Their Jobs, Report Says,” by Paul Basken (10/20/2011)

Inside Higher Ed: “Reframing the STEM Shortage Debate,” by Doug Lederman (10/20/2011)

New York Times: “The Rising Value of a Science Degree,” by Motoko Rich (10/20/2011)

New York Times: “Report Support the Practical Value of STEM Diplomas,” (10/20/2011)

US News & World Report: “Demand, Pay for STEM Skills Skyrocket,” by Jason Koebler (10/20/2011)

US News & World Report: “Tech Companies Want More Foreign STEM Workers,” by Jason Koebler (10/18/2011)

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