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The College Payoff – Coverage by Report

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Huffington Post: “The Great Education Reads of 2011,” by Terreell Halaska and Kristin Conklin (12/13/2011)

Wall Street Journal: “College Does Pay Off, but It’s No Free Ride,” by Carl Bialik (11/19/2011)

Popular Mechanics: “Can Technology Fix the College Debt Crisis?” by Glenn Reynolds (11/7/2011)

Newsday: “Wheary: Community colleges are delivering,” by Jennifer Wheary (10/19/2011)

Chronicle of Higher Education: “It’s never to late to go back to college,” by William Flores (9/21/2011)

San Jose Mercury News: “Universities now urging freshmen to consider studying the forgotten humanities,” by Lisa M. Krieger (9/21/2011)

Education Sector: “On Demand: Charting the Future of Higher Education,” by (9/20/2011)

Huffington Post: “It’s Time for a New Model for our schools,” by Stanley S. Litow (9/12/2011)

Huffington Post: “Millennials: Test Your Labor Market Savvy,” by Carl Van and Nicole Corre (9/9/2011)

The Economist: “Angst for the educated – A University degree no longer confers financial security,” by Schumpeter (9/3/2011)

Los Angeles Times: “College: Expensive, but a smart choice,” by Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney (8/15/2011).

Bloomberg Businessweek: “Georgetown’s Carnevale Discusses “The College Payoff “(Audio) ,”by Press release (8/12/2011)

University of Phoenix: “Study: College degree critical to reaching middle class,” by Aricka Flowers (8/12/2011)

US News & World Report: “The Value of a Bachelor’s Degree Continues to Increase,” by Catherine Groux (8/11/2011)

MSNBC: “Occupation Important Education – Local News DC – The College Payoff,” by News Staff (8/11/2011)

The New Republic: “The College Payoff Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings,” by Mathew Buchanan (8/11/2011)

Center for American Progress: “College Wage Premium Still Large and Growing,” by Matthew Yglesias (8/8/2011)

Center for American Progress: “Study College Graduates earn 84 percent more over their lifetime than high school grads,” by Pat Garofalo (8/8/2011)

Center for College Affordability & Productivity: “Links for 8/8/11,” by Andrew Gillen (8/8/2011)

Businessweek: “The College Payoff,” by Beat The GMAT (8/13/2011)

Chicago Tribune: “How higher education affects lifetime salary: College degrees significantly boost earnings, but women and minorities benefit less,” by Brian Burnsed (8/8/2011).

Huffington Post: “Education: the 21st Century “Ark” to a better US Economy,” by Jamie Merisotis (8/8/2011)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: “Earnings Influenced by Race, Gender, Degree,” by Louis Lavelle (8/5/2011)

Financial Times: “Pay gap persists in US – but there is hope,” by Rebecca Knight (8/5/2011)

Inside Higher Ed: “Degrees of Wealth,” by Steve Kolowich (8/5/2011)

Los Angeles Times: “College graduates earn 84% more than high school grads,” study says, by (8/5/2011)

Marketplace: “Study: College does pay off,” by Amy Scott (8/5/2011).

Chronicle of Higher Education: “When Less Education Means More Money,” (8/4/2011)

New York Times: “It’s Not Just the Degree, but What You Study,” by Motoko Rich (8/4/2011).

Insider Higher Ed: “5 Myths of Remedial Education,” by Jane V. Wellman and Bruce Vandal (7/21/2011)

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