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Is College Worth It? Why That’s Not the Right Question

Diverse Issues in Higher Education writer and president of Cedar Crest College Dr. Elizabeth M. Meade cites “The College Payoff” in her article arguing that asking if college is worth it is not the right question. She writes that a better question to ask is why we no longer believe in education as a public good, worthy of investment.
September 27, 2022

The Path Not Taken

Inside Higher Ed writer Steven Mintz cites “The College Payoff” in his article about how a holistic program of financial, academic, and personal support targeting community college students would provide a bigger payoff than one-time debt relief. 
September 14, 2022

What the Student-Loan Debate Overlooks

The Atlantic Senior Editor Ronald Brownstein cites “Separate and Unequal” and quotes CEW Director Anthony Carnevale in his article about what the student-loan debate overlooks. He writes that the plan recognizes the difficulties young Americans have in adulthood and provides them with the same benefits that Boomers have been afforded all along.
September 9, 2022